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chennai camera shop

chennai camera shop - Sony HDR-XR500V

Sony HDR-XR500V 120GB HDD High Def Camcorder w/12 MP & 12x Optical Zoom

Sony HDR-XR500V 120GB HDD High Def Camcorder w/12 MP & 12x Optical Zoom

The high-end, HDR-XR500 120GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder, from Sony packs true 1920 x 1080 HD recording, hybrid capture options, excellent optics, and more into a consumer priced camera. You'll be hard pressed to run out of recording space with a 120GB HDD that captures nearly 48 hours of HD footage and the option to store additional video and stills to Memory Stick PRO Duo media. Sony gives you the tools to create beautiful memories, whether you're recording your child's play or a family vacation. The G Lens and back-illuminated 1/2.88" ClearVid Exmor R CMOS sensor work together to create clean, brilliant images. Other features, like the generous 3.2" LCD display, Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization, Face Detection and Smile Shutter give you an added edge. ? Hybrid Recording to HDD or Memory Stick Duo Media Record nearly 48 hours of true, 1920 x 1080 HD video and 4MP stills to the 120GB HDD, in the XR500. You can also record to optional Memory Stick PRO Duo media, which offers easy transfer of video and stills to compatible computers and printers. And, in the event that you drop the camera, Sony's "HDD Smart Protection" prevents recorded video and stills from being lost. ? 1/2.88" ClearVid Exmor R CMOS Sensor with Back-Illumination Sony's 1/2.88" Exmor R CMOS sensor captures true 1920 x 1080 HD 6MP video and 12.1MP digital stills at 4x the density of HD resolution, giving you cleaner, more detailed images. The back-illuminated sensor improves image quality, especially when shooting in low-light situations by gathering as much light as possible and increasing sensitivity. The BIONZ Image Processor helps reduce noise and provides for faster image processing and data compression. ? Sony G Lens Sony's G lens, designed to work with the Exmor R CMOS sensor, provides sharp, detailed images with ultra accurate color reproduction.

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Rafaee Peer of Ajmer Char Yaar

Rafaee Peer  of Ajmer Char Yaar

Gaddi Nashin Naushad Ali

Gaadi Nashin Naubat Ali is an awesome personality holding sway at Char Yaar , totally frugal in his appetite for life, very private , all the Khadims come and sit at the Dhuni or Holy Fire their followers are here in abundance..
I have just recently this year created a rapport with Noubat Ali baba he knows that I mean no harm, I am totally into this pictorially to share their world through my eyes , no ordinary eyes ,with a larger spectrum of humanity.. I see things not on my own, most of the time I am directed to it by a force from within, otherwise I have an impaired human vision..
I dont know if you remember sometime back I had written, I saw a little girl leading her blind grandmother on the road ahead near my house at Bandra Bazar road , I pulled out my camera realized the memory card was in the card holder at the shop, I had a regret and the moment was fleeing me, but I had a conviction they would pass by my vision, they did this morning I shot several frames gave her RS 10/ after that a Bawa who visits my shop a Naga sadhu both stood at the threshold of my shop, I shot no pictures but gave them a tenner each.. the naga wanted my slippers that I use for the toilet but I did not give it to him, he was not one of those who visit me quite often.
I miss my black Santro car , that I sold to pay the deficit on my home loan, I went home for a nap, the rozas are on , it is slightly arduous because of an intestinal problem that has been attached to my life since a long time.
I got into a scrap with a Bawa sitting at a shoe stall, he stopped me from taking his picture , he said shoot Huzoor Ajmer Sharif not me.. I gave it to him..
I dont know this paranoid of not getting pictures taken.. but than he has yet to discover the demystification of a photographer no1.. running about in tattered sorrowed clothes at Buzznet.. Man dies in the Flesh but his online cybernetic wisdom spirit remains…

The cybernetic world is very small, a few weeks back I got a message from a photographer from Ghent Belgium, he inquired about my hand , also he wanted details of the Koondathavar festival , Koovagam , he is a friend of Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi , so we connected, kept in touch,he is going to Chennai to shoot this festival, I dont think I will be able to go this year , my hand has not healed, business is at its low, so pictorial extravagance is out, this photographer is also going to visit me in Mumbai , after he completes his assignments, shooting the Yelamma Temple too in the South..
My Nikon D70 well its again giving me trouble, I just completed the last premium, I had taken this on a three year personal loan, the highest interest rate from Standard Chartered Bank…I bought it when it had just arrived … in Mumbai.. this low grade defective camera that has troubled most of the photographers who bought it…
My dream of switching over to Canon.. well it remains a dream .. I dont sell pictures, I shoot pictures as inspired pictorial poetry.. more inclined towards tTe pedestrian pathos of Mans struggle on the streets to survive…
I miss the Turner Road beggar kids.. in their place we have Lakshmi a beggar Hijda her friend Padma , we get along very well…this is a different Lakshmi.. a poor mans Hijda Lakshmi..
There was another Hijda too , I have just got to know her…
I also like to shoot Muslim women who beg.. burkha clad with a child, of couse I take their permission pay them too… this is to show the Mullah ensconced in the comforts of his air conditioned room that the Muslim Woman Burkha or no Burkha is still badly treated , nothing changes this equation..The Muslim Mans attitude has to change than will the life of a Muslim Woman change .. hopefully for the better…The Muslim man.. well I wont go beyond my sealed silence…

April 21st, 2007

Random Stray Thoughts of a Stray Blogger

Random Stray Thoughts of a Stray Blogger

154,825 items / 1,213,650 views

Earlier I walked through a neighboring slums to reach my work place but got sick and tired after some time, I had picture opportunities specially the burkha clad beggars that sat on the roadside after I exited from the slum..

And I would take my grand daughter Marziya through the slums to give her a taste of hard life of survival beyond the one she lived, Marziya saw the slum kids inter acted with them, and being over all intuitive and perspective learnt the lesson of life rapidly.

Nowadays I walk through this tiny side lane of Bazar Road also called Bandra Gaothan, this was a private path that was rampantly famous during the riots as a short cut , so I take this very short route that brings me out on De Monte street the Cross and via Chinchpokli Bandra road street barber shop I come out at Bandra Hill Road..

The Tata Agiary and now sadly the roadside Bandra Police Car cemetery has been relocated to Bandra Lucky signal close to where the second hand furniture dealers sit.

I was at Als Tattoo shop last evening and shot his tattoo artists all foreigners and I inquired about my friend Lady Diana of the Dreads , she s a brilliant dread extension technician and gifted with hair raising problems.

Marziya has achieved considerable skills with the new cycle I gifted on her birthday,,..her photography lessons are on hold, as her play school too has moved to another area and her mother picks up her up, instead of me.

I was planning to shoot Moharam Ashura in Chennai but I am still not sure , I leave it to God to show me the Light and the path to follow , but I wont be going to Hyderabad as I have already shot it twice, I wont shoot Lucknow ever again , the city of my birth I have distanced myself from for personal reasons, and I am too broke to even dream of going to Karbala Iraq..its to far away and I am not yet prepared for the have to be called as they say.

So with a camera in hand I sweep the murky streets of the area I live or areas I visit in town or at Dadar.

Nothing special the Mahim Urus should be happening soon , I have yet to talk to my friend Sakib..

One person a great listener I really will miss is Sebastian my friend from Spain he is touring India for a month and will return back to Mumbai , shooting Sebastian is photographically soul satisfying.

chennai camera shop

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