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Deals On Camera Lenses

deals on camera lenses

deals on camera lenses - 52mm TELEPHOTO

52mm TELEPHOTO Lens ~Including Lens Bag!~ Fits all 52MM Lenses. Including NIKON!

52mm TELEPHOTO Lens ~Including Lens Bag!~ Fits all 52MM Lenses. Including NIKON!

This 2x professional telephoto conversion lens has been designed to meet the highest optical standards for it's type in the photo industry. It has been crafted to work with ANY digital, still and video cameras which have 52mm filter thread.

You just screw this lens on front of your existing lens or adapter.

Optimized for use in digital equipment. Among the many makes whose products it fits are Sony, JVC, Olympus, Canon, Nikon and others.

This unique lens works on ALL Cameras & Camcorders with 52mm size Lens Filter thread!!!

Digital Optic Super High-Definition Wide Angle attaches to most cameras, camcorders and lenses with 52mm filter threads. As it fits on any 52mm thread, it in turn allows further use of any 52mm thread filter, for even greater versatility, image enhancement and special effects capability. Optimized for use in digital equipment.

*High definition optical resolution
*High Speed Auto-Focus / Infrared Compatible (IR)
*Digitally Multi-Coated (every element)
*Professional High Speed Auto Focus
*Infrared Compatibility
*High Quality Crystal Optics
*Maximize day and night shots by providing maximum light and image transmission
*Night vision capable
*Titanium barrel
*Lens bag, lens covers, and instructions included
*Includes carrying case with front and rear snap-on caps

*Fit thread size 52mm
*Filter thread size 62mm

Condition & Warranty: This item is 100% BRAND NEW! 5 YEAR WARRANTY BY SELLER.

Package Contents
Lens Bag
Lens CAP

82% (5)

My first Zeiss Lenses

My first Zeiss Lenses

Our cameras are still little black boxes with holes that let light in. I wanted to create an image that conveys that magic of light rays pouring through - a Zeiss lens (or lenses).

Over the years I have photographed with both Nikon and Canon systems. As I progressed in photography, I became increasingly frustrated that the images emerging from my camera did meet the vision in had my mind.
Looking for something with more feeling, more timeless sensuality, I bought a Rolleiflex TLR Camera. Although the camera requires a good deal of patience to use, the results were beautiful; a dreamlike quality that was both three dimensionally sharp and more inviting to behold. However, after many hours on flickr looking at other photographer’s work, I realized it wasn’t the Rollei that was providing the powerful results, as wonderful as that camera is, nor was it the Fuji film; it was the Zeiss lens.
Recently I put a Zeiss ZE on my Canon 5D Mark II, and I am elated with the results. Whether I am using a 50 year old film camera or the latest full frame digital slr, the results are now consistent, and I can share my view of the world with others through a consistently soulful and stunning lens.

I put small flashlights in the waist level viewfinder and film reel areas, and burned sage to create enough smoke to see the light beams. (Those are not Photoshopped in.) Converted to b/w and curves adjusted in Photoshop and Nik Software.

Rolleiflex TLR 3.5f with Zeiss Planar 75mm lens, photographed with a Canon 5D Mark II and Zeiss 28mm ZE lens.

Minolta Dynax Maxxum 5D

Minolta Dynax Maxxum 5D

So I have a disorder, it's called camera-itis. While saving for my Nikon, I was checking out deals on Craigslist. This camera, and a HUGE case of equipment, was listed for quite some time. And I've always wanted one of those lense-changy-camera-thingies. And her camera wasn't selling, so I sent her a low offer thinking.. no way she'll take it but at least I tried and can stop festering. But she took it!!!! And she was happy, so I didn't feel guilty. She is a photographer and had tons of equipment anyway.

I got her home from a cleaning today. I'm giddy!! It's a Minolta Dynax Maxxum 5D. Fun fun super groovy fun times!! Came with all kinds of lenses, filters galore, big tent things that reflect light or some damn thing like that... 2 flashes.. and stuff I haven't even unpacked yet. All for $200 :) I think it was a super fantastical deal.

I'm giddy! Off to playyyy!

deals on camera lenses

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