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Detector Hidden Camera - Pentax K1000 35mm Camera

Detector Hidden Camera

detector hidden camera

detector hidden camera - Sensitive Rf

Sensitive Rf Signal GSM bug detector hidden camera Lens Tracker finder 1MHz to 6.5 GHz

Sensitive Rf Signal GSM bug detector hidden camera Lens Tracker finder 1MHz to 6.5 GHz

Sensitive Rf Signal GSM bug detector hidden spy camera Lens Tracker finder Item Description: Do you want to know who is monitor you? When you in the hotel, office, car, wash room and other place. Do you worry if some body is surveillance you? Use this device is easy to find out wireless and wired camera, GPS tracker, mobile phones and jammers. Features: Various effective measures for counter investigation: Option A: intense red laser lightsto expose all kinds of hidden cameras both wired and wireless. Option B: wireless detection to expose wireless covert equipments including wireless camera, bug, GPS tracker, mobile phones, jammers long range frequencies between 1MHz to 6.5GHz. Additional application with earphone ensures a covert detection. Suspected objects can be traced out by rating signal LED lights flash gradually. Adjustable sensitivity for detection. Built-in rechargeable Li-battery can ensure a non-stopping detection for 5 hours. Easy to travel not only because as small as lighter, but also as light as match box. User friendly and message can be easily understood. Specification: Wireless detecting range:1MHz - 6.5GHz Dimension:65mm(L) x 48mm(W) x 15mm(D) Antenna spec:123mm long Power voltage/inputting current:DC 5V/100mA Battery spec:Built-in rechargeable Li-battery, 3.7V/500mA

77% (17)

DPT-FO Detector de presencia de tensión con fibra optica

DPT-FO Detector de presencia de tensión con fibra optica

DPT-FO Detector de presencia de tension con fibra optica. En PROAT disenamos, desarrollamos y fabricamos equipos para hacer de este mundo un lugar seguro, sostenible y lleno de energia.

Detector de Radiación

Detector de Radiación

?Tienes miedo de ser radioactivo? Que mejor manera de evitar los molestos productos con particulas libres que usando tu propio detector de radiacion personal

detector hidden camera

detector hidden camera

Multi Sweep Hidden Camera Bug Detector

Many people have the feeling they're being watched or eavesdropped on. But this is an issue of particular importance for law enforcement personnel and spies. Sometimes while you're keeping tabs on others you also need to know whether somebody's keeping tabs on you. And its not like you can just ask and expect an honest answer. At those times, this device is your best friend. This wireless camera detector will expose both wired and wireless cameras, dead or alive. The ultra advanced hand held unit will also let you know about RF bugs and wiretaps in one of three ways: with an alarm, silent LED or silent vibration. Locates bugs on frequencies from 1 MHz to 6500 MHz. Alerts to VHF, UHF and GSM devices. This particular unit also has an internal Li-Ion battery, eliminating the need for pesky batteries. Best of all this unit is geared with the professional in mind. The built in compass will make locating and notating locations of bugs during large building sweeps a breeze. Included with this unit is also a set of ear buds, allowing you to sweet without distracting others.

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